Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Heart of Home Schooling

The Heart of Home Schooling
Teaching & Living What Really Matters

by Christopher Klicka

Raising children is hard work. This is news to no one, especially home schooling families. Many are tempted to cut corners or even give up. There IS help and encouragement to be found. The Heart of Home Schooling will focus you on what really matters - "the primary importance of being faithful in the spiritual aspects of our home schooling - not just the academics."

Chris Klicka presents principles coming primarily from his and his wife, Tracy's, own experience trainng their seven children. Speaking from both his heart and many scriptural principles, Chris affirms that you do not home school for home schooling's sake but or the glory and honor of God.

The Heart of Home Schooling invites parents to instill more than just academic excellence in their children .. it is packed with new ideas to energize their daily pursuit of raising a godly generation." - Congressman Jim Ryun. Olympic Silver Medallist and home schooling father.

** We have found this book extremely practical and invigourating in raising children in general, whether home schooling or not. M&G.

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