Tuesday, November 23, 2010

In Silence I Cry

Gleaned from the many agonizing years of bittersweet experiences in the furnace of affliction, will unveil the mystery of our earthly suffering in a refreshing new way.  Suffering will cease to be suffering if we can see it the way God sees it - to be able to see the bigger picture and comprehend the higher purpose to our seemingly, unending troubles.  To this end is this book prayerfully written, written for those who are searching for the answer to the big question mark of our life:  "why am I suffering?"

Yan T. Wee, married with four children, is the founding pastor of the Shalom Baptist Church and the Shaddai Baptist Church, Singapore.  He pastors, writes and does Bible Conferences in the Asia-Pacific Region.  He is also the author of the Soul-Winner's Guide, a highly acclaimed and a very practical book, on soul-winning.

* This is an indepth book which completely turned around our way of seeing suffering both great and small in our lives.  M&G.

Our Price $15 plus postage costs
* Soul Winner's Guide also available

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