Thursday, November 4, 2010

Music In The Home

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Have you noticed how each piece of music has a mood of its own? The atmosphere of a home can be drastically changed by simply adding music. For example, when listening to Big Band music, I’ll either want to dance about, or get cozy with a good book. Other times a calming classical serenade fills the background for a different activity. I have found that certain types of music just don’t fit with the activity and can actually work against whatever we’re trying to accomplish. (Some genres can even diminish your braincells!)

Think about your day: are there times when it seems everyone is dragging their feet to help with the chores or wake up in the morning? Try playing something lively and delightful, but not chaotic. Do you have a hard time winding down at the end of the day? Peaceful harp or favorite hymns may do the trick! Perhaps you could enhance a craft day with Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, or an adventurous soundtrack. Other times it’s good to just have silent contemplation as the day’s backdrop.

Your goals for the day will be different than ours, as will be your family’s style. Music is an important aspect of your home culture, and it will shape your children’s appreciation for good music. When picking the music, ask yourself: Does this music inspire God’s praise, or feed the flesh? Is it popular and cheap? Or will it reinforce God’s created order and beauty in your home?

There are many ways you can bring in music as a homemaking tool. Besides iTunes, we have found Pandora and Playlist to be very helpful in adding beautiful music to our home via the internet. Pandora is like a radio station with a customizable style. With Playlist you can add specific pieces to your family’s repertoire.

Personal recommendations: Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi, Grieg, and Handel (I like classical, can you tell?) We also enjoy Hans Zimmer and many other soundtracks.

Psalm 101:1-3
Psalm 92:1-3

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Breezy Brookshire
Breezy is a 19-year old homeschool graduate and stay-at-home daughter. She has been learning domestic skills from her mother since she was a little girl (she still remembers her first sock-folding lesson) and loves being at home with her family. She enjoys studying a variety of topics from the Biblical family and Scripture to cultural reformation and children’s illustration, and also loves to create art that glorifies her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Breezy and her sister, Emily Rose, own Noble Rose Press and are the creators of the Daughters of His Story paper doll series, and the Family Treasure Coloring Book. Breezy looks forward to someday caring for her own home and family. She blogs at A Bowl of Moss and Pebbles.

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