Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Majesty & Grace March 2011 News

Created To Be His HelpMeet
By Debi Pearl

Created to be His Help Meet mentors women on how to have a heavenly marriage. The author makes the argument that men and women were created by God to play different roles in society. A woman acting like a man creates a unisex society, which is a senseless society. Each chapter provides instruction, examples, letters from women, and concludes with a "Time To Consider" section.
From the author: "... I had no idea God had so much to say to us ladies until I began going through God's Word verse by verse, writing the different sections of Created to be His Help Meet. Many times as I read a passage, I would say to my husband, "I'm not going to include those verses in my book because if I do the ladies (of any religious group you can think of including my own) will not like my book or promote it." My dear husband would say to me, "If God thought it was important enough to inspire it as part of his Word to us, then you should include it." And so I would cringe and add one more controversial subject after another..."
*M&G - This book would be the most relevant yet hard hitting book I have read.  It will not disappoint.  By popular demand we are offering a special order for $25.00 including postage.
Brisbane Homeschoolers Buy, Sell & Swap Day February 2011

It was a delight to meet many of our precious friends and customers recently.  The event is planned again in November 2011.  I look forward to it!


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