Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Majesty & Grace Books And Music News July 2012

Welcome to our newsletter for July 2012.  I would like to make special mention and send a welcome to our new customers on this Subscribers' List.  It has been a privilege to meet you and to serve you here at "M&G".

This month I have a special treat that I am able to offer at a special price.  As with all our products here, this is a Bible Study that I have been working through in fellowship with a dear friend in the Lord over the past year.  Thus, I can highly recommend this study!

Refresh Your Heart

Reflections for Women
by Claudia Barba

You have a heart condition.  You were born with it.  By nature your heart - every heart - is deceitful, polluted, incurably sick with sin.

Changing your heart requires more than your own resolutions or willpower.  God is the only one who can redeem old sinful hearts and transform them into peaceful, serving, forgiving hearts.

In this Bible study, you'll learn about the heart-changing work of God and discover how you can participate in the process.

Our Price $12.00 Delivered To Australian Addresses

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