Sunday, February 10, 2013

God Honouring Music

Majesty & Grace is pleased to offer Godly music for our homes this month.

  Music matters!  Whether in my home, the kitchen or in the car, what I listen to and allow myself to think on, needs to be godly, uplifting to His holy Name and also very pleasing to my ears!

These are some of our favourites.  There are many other titles to choose.  Ask me for a full list here.

I have a new order for Majesty Music this month.  Let me know if I can source any of these titles for you also.
As always, from our home to yours,

Patch The Pirate - The Sneaky Sheik.  Theme:  Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus
Patch The Pirate - Kingdom Chronicles.  Theme:  A Christian's Armor

Are You Familiar with Patch?  Stories told with hilarious drama and voice overs all with solid and valuable lessons with biblical truth that changes the heart.  Beautifully arranged songs lace the story telling for all to enjoy.  A favourite on long car trips for us or even short ones ...

Hymn Reflections of Comfort and Hope
Shelly Hamilton

Soothing, meditative music to help our thoughts turn God-ward in trust and in praise.

Songs of Home & Heaven
Ron Hamilton

Songs to encourage in times of joy and times of despair.  Songs written with truth from God's Word.

Sound His Praise
Gladdening new brass arrangements.

Peace & Comfort
Here is one of the finest ways to calm a troubled soul after a weary day in this world.  Instrumental settings featuring string quartets often with harp, horn, oboe, flute or acoustic guitar accompaniment.

Our Price $15 per CD*

* NB.  Price does not include postage.

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