Childrens Classic Fiction


Stepping Heavenward $9.00
Scout, The Secret of the Swamp $2.50
Boys and Girls of Colonial Days $5.00
The Two Wealthy Farmers $7.00
The Young Christian $5.00
The Weed With An Ill Name $7.00
No Is An Answer Too $2.50
Ann Of The Prairie $6.00
In The Whale’s Belly $7.00
Thomas Skyler Foothills Preacher $5.50
SOS $5.50
 Farm Mystery Series by
Castleberry Farms Press
Where There’s Smoke $15.00
The Mysterious Message $15.00
Midnight Sky $15.00
The Secret Mission $8.00
Tom White The PostBoy $5.00
My Book About Bartimaeus $3.00
The Chief’s Daughter-Abducted $3.00
Collector’s Edition $8.00
Abraham’s Sacrifice $5.00
Wandering May $5.00
The Shark’s Secret $3.00
Tug Of War $6.50
Fathers of the Bible $5.00
Tiger and Tom $5.00
A Stranger In A Strange Land $5.00
Alone In London $6.50
In The Twilight $5.00
Winter’s Folly $5.00
Possum Hollow $7.50
Elisabeth and the Windmill $9.00
Summerville Days $9.00
All Aboard Board Book $2.00
Robbies Light $4.00
Preparing Your Hope Chest $15.00
Companion Workbook—Personal Help For Boys $8.00
Biblically Handling Technology and Social Media Booklet $3.00

Wissman Family Music
CD—Let My Life Be A Light $18.00
Going Home $18.00
Let The Rocks Cry Out $18.00

Orchestral Music
CD– A Treasury of Hymns for Harp $15.00
How Great Thou Art $15


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Children's Classic Fiction
Alone In London
by Hesba Stretton

God’s love & leading worked out in the lives of an old man, his grand-daughter & a homeless boy. A heartwarming story. Old reprint. 123 pages Ages 12-15

Our Price $6.50
Thomas Skyler Foothills Preacher
A compelling tale of the Canadian West in the late 19th century
by Ralph Connor

Connor,Ralph:  ...young, green, every inch a tenderfoot - sent on his first assignment as a pioneer preacher to the rugged foothill region of Swan Creek.  But the rough-and-tumble, hard-drinking cowboys aren't so sure they like the idea of a preacher in their midst.  Meet Bronco Bill....Hi Kendal...the Duke...the Old Timer..and of course Gwen...and discover why the impact of  "the Sky Pilot" was far different than any would have expected. 
Ralph Connor is one of the early 20th century's best-loved authors, who brought to life a collection of unforgettable characters from his own experiences in Canada's western frontier.  Paperback, ages 12 up.  169 pages.

Our Price $5.50
Bridges Beyond will take you back to the past—a pioneer school, a young Noah Webster fascinated with words. It will take you to the animal world—the fox outwitting his enemy and the seal who wouldn't swim. Grade 4.
Our Price $10.00
Sixth graders need examples to follow—courageous examples. Calls to Courage provides the examples in selections centered around five themes.
Our Price $10.00
Wembo makes a late-night trip through the jungle; monkeys play a trick on Mario and Mario returns the favor. Happy Hearts continues the tradition of well-written, character-building stories for children. Grade 2.
Our Price $8.00
How can Nell possibly be thankful for dried onions? How can one apple make seven people happy? Children learn about honesty, helpfulness, courtesy, trust, unselfishness, and thankfulness. Grade 2.
Our Price $8.00
Is it worthwhile to know how to read? Johnny Liklak doesn't think so. He'd rather be walrus hunting—until the day the flying whale comes. Grade 3.
Our Price $10.00
Virginia Crider
"You know, I don't believe we knew what we were getting into." Rhine was right. When the Benner family stepped off the train that afternoon in 1915, the waiting mission board members also wondered. "I doubt they'll last the first winter."

Our Price $10.00
Pablo Yoder with Kristy Wadsworth
Night falls early in Waslala, and the evenings are long, especially if you're waiting . . .  During their first two years in Nicaragua, the Yoder family had endured more than a dozen robberies.

Our Price $13.00
Mildred Schrock
This story begins in Germany in an era of persecution. Searching for something better, several Mennonite families accept Catherine the Great's invitation to settle in Russia, and enjoy several generations of peace. Then trouble comes ..

Our Price $5.50
Jessica Kauenhofen
A picture book for preschoolers that illustrates the marvelous abilities God has given us. "God made me in a wonderful way. He made my eyes to see the world... tongue...  arms... I am special, because God made me!" With stunning pencil art.

Our Price $5.00
Miriam Crisenbery
"How wonderful, that God can take a worm, and from it beauty make. Now it can fly!" Poems and full-color photographs of 22 animals. The poems not only emphasize the animals as gifts from God, but also include lessons we can learn from them.
Our Price $6.00
Edith Witmer
This little book is filled with scenes from the home life of a godly young family.
Our Price $3.00
Rebecca Newswanger
Through a sequence of pictures and children's verse, this book in the miracle series portrays the wonder of life by following the development of a chick from an egg.
Our Price $3.00
Della Oberholtzer, narrated by Titania Porter
Times are hard for Katie's family—a fire, a storm, a sick mother, and a gruff neighbor. In the whirlwind of these events, twelve-year-old Katie wrestles with understanding where God is and what she ought to do.

Our Price $11.00
Wanda M. Yoder, narrated by Fern Ebersole
The Hammond cousins always have a great time when the get together at Grandpa Hammond's place, until one day they learn that Markie is going to move into their community. Markie becomes one of them, but he's different. He's mentally handicapped, a...
Our Price $20.00
Judy Yoder, narrated by the author
This Christmas, Millie's family decided to surprise Grandpa with money for new eyeglasses, but what could Millie do for Grandma? She had a good idea. But would Grandma like her secret? Travel through the night and the blowing snow with Millie and ...
Our Price $12.00
Like all of the readers in our series, it is filled with wholesome, inspiring stories that the whole family will enjoy. "Stories like Sleep-Out Below Zero" and "To Prove a Proverb." Grade 5.
Our Price $10.00
Rusty and Ryan were best friends. They did everything together. Being a puppy, Rusty has some things to learn. And so did Ryan. Read about the time Rusty went to school, and also to church. Find out how Rusty became a hero. The fun continues when ...
Our Price $8.00
Elizabeth And The Windmill
By Esther Bender
Lemon Tree Series 3

Elisabeth has a secret.  She is sixteen and still can't read.  Hannes Weaver works for the printer in town and after discovering her secret, offers to give her lessons.

"A charming story.  This is a good book to teach kids what many people went through to settle our country.  It is especially good for homeschoolers.
- Librarian's World"

Our Price $9.00

Summerville Days
By Carrie Bender
Whispering Brook Series 2

Whispering Brook Farm is home base for Nancy Petersheim.  But she pulls herself away to visit her sister and brother-in-law in Summerville.
Never once did she dream that her visit in that Amish settlement would stretch from two weeks to last all summer, so she could help her sister Mary.  Nancy, tied closely to family and church, learns more about housekeeping and doing right.

Our Price $9.00

Wandering May
or "Come Unto Me"
by Mary Code

May soon makes friends in the city, who help her learn to read, and more importantly, understand the meaning of the precious words about which she had been curious for so long.  Through her friends' patience May learns of the Saviour and how she herself can share the message of Christ with others.

Our Price $5.00

The Secret Mission
Huguenot Inheritance Series #2
Dangerous Adventures in the Land of Persecution
by A. Van Der Jagt

A Huguenot’s dangerous adventures in the land of persecution. Sequel to The Escape. John returns to France on a secret mission with the Dutch Government. 216 pages. Ages 12 up. Time period: 1702-1712

Our Price $8.00