The Maxwell Family

We will be truly privileged to be able to offer the many and varied books and teaching CDs from this family during the course of 2011.

A book easily read and most practically written for a mother desiring that meek and quiet spirit that is so precious to our Lord Jesus Christ. Whether our children are homeschooled or not, whether they are still in our arms or grown up, this is an excellent book for a woman to read "along the way".

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Whether you are struggling with discouragement, anger, fear, loneliness or simply want a closer walk with Jesus, Sweet Journey is a Bible study leading you in the right direction. This book has the potential to dramatically change your life.
Many ladies long for a Titus 2 woman in their lives. Through the words of Sweet Journey, Teri becomes that kind of a mentor. She has an intense desire to see ladies grow spiritually and experience the true joy and victory that comes from the sweet journey.
This is a hands-on book that has Bible study questions interspersed throughout the text, allowing space to write your answers. At the end of each chapter, you'll find homework assignments plus Teri's answers. It's a perfect individual Bible study, mother-to-daughter study, friend-to-friend study, or large-setting group study.
We invite you to discover the unmistakable joy that results from what you will learn in this book. You will delight in what the Lord does in your life as you join Teri on the sweet journey!

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Do any of these questions describe your experience with family devotions? Tried them and failed? Never tried because you knew it would be too big of a battle? No time for them even if you wanted to? Do you feel the only way to capture your family's attention is to dress up as a Bible character, stand on the couch, and act out a passage of Scripture? In the first CD, Steve Maxwell gives practical advice for achieving success with family devotions. He reveals the secret that he guarantees will work. He also explains common problems causing many families to fail with daily family devotions and then gives solutions to these difficulties. Steve explains step-by-step how to actually have a family devotion, and he stresses the critical value to your children's lives of having daily devotions. This information is highly motivational and practical.
The second CD contains two of the Maxwells' family devotions recorded live. You'll feel like you're right at home with Steve as you listen to him with his family in their time in the Word. You will see how easy it is to lead your own family in the most important time of the day.

Join Steve Maxwell, father of eight, as he tells about the Maxwells' favorite part of their day. We pray you'll see how absolutely crucial this is to your family, and that you'll come away with an excitement for the daily feeding of your family from God's Word!

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"What a blessing your book was! I don't believe I have read anything else that deals so thoroughly and properly with the subject as you have." Dr. S. M. Davis

In today's world of two-income families, preparing a son to provide for a single-income family seems an overwhelming task. Christian parents will find it helpful to have a purpose and plan as they raise sons who will one day be responsible for supporting a family.
Steve Maxwell presents the groundwork for preparing your son to be a wage-earning adult. He gives practical suggestions and direction to parents for working with their sons from preschool age all the way through to adulthood. You will be challenged to evaluate your own life and the example you are setting for your son.
As the father of eight children, six of them now wage-earning adults, Steve has gained valuable experience he openly shares with other parents. Learn these principles from a dad whose 24-year-old homeschooled son has purchased a home debt free and whose second son has done the same. Steve explains how it is possible for parents, with a willing commitment, to properly prepare their sons to provide for a single-income family.
This book has many principles that can be applied to daughters as well!

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"The most complete and most balanced book I have read on how to raise children who won't rebel!" Dr. S. M. Davis

Written for parents of young children to teenagers, this book shares the joys and outcomes of our vital priority--keeping our children's hearts. Rebellion and immorality are common among teens even within the Christian community. Does Scripture offer any path of hope for more than this for our children? What can parents do to direct their children toward godliness rather than worldliness? When does this process begin? What is the cost?
Steve and Teri Maxwell believe the key factors in raising children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord (Ephesians 6:4) are whether or not the parents have their children's hearts and what they are doing with those hearts. Keeping Our Children's Hearts offers direction and encouragement on this critically important topic.

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