Raising Godly, Joyful Daughters

Joyfully At Home
by Jasmine Baucham

We know that the chief purpose and end of man is “to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever.”  But how does this calling apply to daughters living at home? And how do daughters and parents explain that application to their extended families, pastors, and loved ones?

Jasmine Baucham, the oldest daughter of Christian speaker, author, and church elder Dr. Voddie Baucham, answers these important questions in her brand-new book, Joyfully at Home.

By age fourteen, Jasmine Baucham’s little-girl dreams of becoming a mommy were supplanted by bigger visions of winning the Pulitzer Prize or an Oscar and appearing on Oprah. She began viewing the calling of home and marriage as second-rate. Then her world was radically challenged by the Scriptures, as she went from craving personal renown to craving to please the Lord through delighting in his design for the joyful home — an even bigger dream, she realized, than stardom.

In Joyfully at Home, Jasmine writes with verve and transparency about her own struggles and triumphs as a young woman, encouraging other girls to embrace a vision for the home as a hub of ministry and discipleship and as a training ground for life ahead. With humor, humility, and heart, Jasmine tackles the tough questions girls face, offering practical counsel on how to overcome false views of marriage, husbands, and singleness.
I want to encourage young women . . . to be enthusiastic and vibrant, purposeful and driven, meticulous and passionately focused in pursuit of the Lord's will for their time at home. —Jasmine Baucham
Why do single young women choose to stay at home? Can they be fulfilled and content under their father's roof? What do they do with their time? Jasmine Baucham has written a winsome, compelling, and hard-hitting book which will encourage and inspire all the women in your home! Joyfully at Home will challenge your thinking and help you honestly answer the really tough questions. —Beall Phillips
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So Much More
by Anna Sophia & Elizabeth Botkin

This book is not another Christian-teenage-girl “survival guide.” So Much More shows how Christian girls can wage war with the world and win. The Botkin sisters focus on how young women can rise above their God-hating culture and change it for the better.

Today, countless young ladies face difficult problems and challenging questions. While many long for godly purpose in their lives, their bewilderment mounts when they observe broken homes, distant fathers, overwhelmed mothers, degrading college courses, and a lack of spiritual guidance — both at home and at church. As hope for security and stability fades, it is no wonder that many young ladies feel orphaned, unprotected, and without hope for their futures.

Within the pages of this book, discover practical, biblical solutions for the young woman who wants to do so much more than just “survive” in a savagely feministic, anti-Christian culture. Find the answers a girl is not likely to get from her church, her peers, or her culture.

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The Return Of The Daughters
A Vision of Victory for the Single Young Women of the Twenty-First Century
For the first time in America’s history, young ladies can expect to encounter a large gap between their years of basic training and the time when they marry… if they marry. Now Christian girls all throughout our country are seriously asking: What’s a girl to do with her single years?
Two years after the publication of their best-selling book, So Much More, Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin are taking the message of visionary daughterhood to a new level and into a new medium. This highly-controversial documentary will take viewers into the homes of several young women who have dared to defy today’s anti-family culture in pursuit of a biblical approach to daughterhood, using their in-between years to pioneer a new culture of strength and dignity, and to rebuild Western Civilization, starting with the culture of the home.
“After twenty-five years of speaking to the home-school movement, I have never seen a more effective tool to reach the hearts of fathers who love their daughters but don’t know how to lead them, than this powerful DVD by Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin.” —Dr. Marshall Foster

As the home goes, so often goes the church, and society at large. Learn along with Anna Sofia and Elizabeth, the fulfilling, exciting life of impact and accomplishment that young women can and should have. Discover the power of the family unit and a picture of the biblical home as the center of dominion work — a vibrant center of education, ministry, evangelism, culture, entrepreneurialism, and hospitality.
"I was so moved by the stories. These girls and their fathers are truly revolutionaries. Thank you so much for the courage to put this out there." —Robin, A Grateful Mother

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